Twofer Tuesday: On Being a Generous Skeptic and Getting Enough Sleep

Here are two articles for Twofer Tuesday, the first on how to be a generous skeptic and the other on the price we pay for chronic tiredness. (See the link at the end to join the conversation on LinkedIn.)

It takes a big heart to hear feedback.

The way most feedback is delivered, we’re hard wired to shut down and move into flight or flight response.

Now, that’s not always a bad thing. Too much of the thing, the feedback we’re getting is lousy feedback, and tells you more about the person giving it than the person receiving it.

But there are times when you have what Seth Godin calls “a generous skeptic”.

Here’s his suggestion on how to work with just such a person


Who else is tired here?

The answer is about 98.3%. Chronic tiredness is part and parcel of working lives today.

What’s also becoming obvious is that we mostly don’t know the price we are paying for this, which is amongst other things measurably lower impact in the work we’re doing.

In short: if you want to do Great Work, go to be a little earlier.

Here’s a piece from the HBR making the point.


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