Twofer Tuesday: Focus & Successful Managers

This week for “Twofer Tuesday”, two articles that caught my eye and got me thinking: the first on finding focus (a popular topic on this blog!) and the second on the key characteristics found in successful managers. You’ll also find these in our discussion group on LinkedIn. (There is a link at the bottom of this post if you wish to join.)

Strategies for finding focus and resilience.

(Some call it “insane ambition”)
I’ve got a folder on my blog reader called “Old Reliables” – bloggers who consistently provoke and amuse me. There aren’t many people there: Seth Godin, Brain Pickings, Zen Habits … and Mitch Joel.

 Mitch is the author of Ctrl-Alt-Delete and a smart commentator on our lives at work. This is a short but useful post on focus, ambition and goals. And do watch the video link that comes with it too, which may shine a new light for you on Steve Jobs.

(Listen to an interview I did with Mitch about his new book.)

Read Mitch’s post here: Insane Ambition 

What makes a successful manager?

Here’s a funky infographic that points to some of the things we know for sure about what makes a great manager.

Does coaching figure in this? Not explicitly … but I do think that coaching is one of the best strategies you can deploy to get the outcomes you might want.

What do you think? Read more at: What Makes a Successful Manager?

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