Twofer Tuesday: A Dose of Productivity

Two articles caught my eye recently. I shared them on LinkedIn, and wanted to share them here on the blog as well. The first is about productivity and the second is about how to get the focus you need to be truly productive. I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas, either here or on LinkedIn. If you are interested in joining our discussion group, check out the links at the bottom of this post.

Three ways to amp up your productivity.

Productivity for productivity’s sake isn’t that interesting. If you’re just getting more efficient but not doing the stuff that really matters, who cares?

That’s why the suggestions in this article are so useful. Their foundation is limited focus – pick what really matters – and they give you a structure that works at a daily, weekly, monthly and even annual level.

I also think the Friday behaviour is crucial: step back and reflect on what’s working. That’s what Chris Argyris would call “double loop learning”, and it’s what helps us embed new insights and new behaviours.

What other strategies do you have to increase your focus and productivity? Read: How You Can Instantly Improve Your Productivity and Focus Using Agile…

Why you want to help people celebrate the small wins

If you’re coaching/managing someone, it’s all to easy to spend the whole time focused on the problem at hand. Fix it, solve it, advise it … we all know how that works.

In the video link, Teresa Amabile points to research that reminds us not to just focus on what’s broken- but to celebrate the small wins. It’s a neat summary of the key point she makes in her excellent book, The Progress Principle.

I’ve got two ways you might do that…

First, use this question more often: “So what’s working well right now?” Even if someone’s come to you with a problem, this question will help them step back, see the bigger picture and typically reduce anxiety and increase creativity.

Second, start using the terrific app It shows up in your inbox end of day, and you get to record a couple of lines about what you did. Rather than the week, month and year vanishing into your subconscious, this will help you see your progress.

Do you have any ways you track and celebrate yours/others’ small wins? Read more here: Teresa Amabile: Track Your Small Wins to Motivate Big Accomplishments

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