Two Steps to Objective Hiring Practices: How to Conduct an Interview

how to conduct an interviewThe next step after you create a job application template (link to previous post) is to determine screening assessments to make the interview process more objective and show your recruiters how to conduct an interview that will lead to better-fit candidates.

Step 1: Conduct a Job Analysis

The first step in showing your recruiting team how to conduct a job interview is for them to perform a job analysis of the position to determine key competencies that are important for job performance. Once core competencies for success are determined, standard evaluations for all candidates are created using objective tools to measure against the key competencies. This understanding allows the right assessment content to be used for each position. For example, to measure multi-tasking, you are better to use a simulation than a structured interview. To measure integrity, you are better to use a personality assessment than a problem-solving test.

Step 2: Determine a Pre-Hire Assessment Profile

Once you have selected the assessments, you must demonstrate how a candidate assessment score links to job performance. This validation process provides you the foundation to identify an appropriate pre-hire assessment profile. The strength and breadth of your labor pool is an important consideration in determining how stringent you can be in designing that profile. If you design the pre-hire assessment profile to be very stringent or selective, fewer candidates will “pass” the assessment process, potentially making it more difficult to fill job openings, but those candidates should be better qualified to perform well on the job.

Creating a process that can be replicated for various positions across the organization helps take the guess work out of the hiring process and can give recruiters the answers on how to conduct an interview that will lead to higher performing, right fit candidates.



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