Two Personal Branding Websites

You know, there’s something called Synchronicity 🙂 In a span of about 48 hours I got approached by two websites – Brand Yourself and FirstDialog which are web apps that are meant to help you manage your brand

The email from FirstDialog stated:

FirstDialog is a Web 2.0 online personal branding and social recruitment platform that helps professionals and jobseekers create a memorable personal brand.
With FirstDialog, professionals and jobseekers can create an interactive, web based, multimedia rich resume with quantifiable and trusted information. FirstDialog will help jobseekers elevate their resume to a whole new level with the use of interactive multimedia, secure document showcase, verified credentials, smart follow-up, skill assessment and certification, professional networking, social sharing and more.

The big issue they need to work on is building the resume. Filling out a online wizard to build a resume online is a bit of pain for me. They did tell me that they are in talks with certain business networking platforms which would enable one to import an already ready profile from somewhere else. Hope that comes across soon.

One then connects with people like on Linkedin. However unlike Linkedin FD is focused on social recruitment – and lists jobs via (which is US centric so far) on your dashboard.

This is how one’s profile looks on FirstDialog

The Dashboard shows you jobs posted via your network (which you invite)

All in all it’s an interesting website – however let’s see if people are upto joining yet another networking website. If you want to give it a spin here’s a code to check out the Alpha version – GG11FD

Brand-Yourself takes a different turn on personal branding. Knowing that Google, Twitter, Linkedin and other social networks can build your online brand, it makes it easy to build a website, take you through building a Linkedin site, Twitter id, and steps to make it visible and public.

The most interesting thing for me was organizing the Google results (see below) to say which is about you and which is not about you. It made me discover some old forgotten links like my Amazon reviews 🙂

For people who don’t have a website – Brand-Yourself also enables you to open a site (using wordpress!) like this one. There is also step by step explanation on how to use free PR newswire sites to build your brand.

I loved BY’s take on personal branding

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