Two gems of social media wisdom to help you gain social media influence



Every so often you read a blog post that absolutely nails it! This morning was one of those.

The post is about the somewhat fluffy area of social media influence, and not unsurprisingly it was sponsored by Klout – the online influence measuring tool, that along with Peerindex are trying to establish ways to benchmark social media influence.

There were two real gems of social media wisdom in relation to establishing social media influence, that I want to highlight, from Jay Baer’s post:

  1. When using social media, the more you “sell” the less you sell. You earn the right to promote in social, you can’t buy it. The difference between helping and selling is just two letters, but those letters mean everything. Find a way to genuinely help other people via social media, and it will come back to you five-fold eventually.
  2. Social media happens fast, but success is accrued very slowly. If you think you’re going to be able to get involved in social media and have massive influence in two months, you’re kidding yourself. It takes time to build the ‘right’ following (please note, I mean the right followers – not just using auto keyword bots), for the industry your are in.

How true are they?

Too many people will tell you using social media for recruiting is easy and can be done quickly. WRONG! Jay is bang on here – if you want to do it properly then learn to invest the time, get passionate about it and one day (hopefully soon) you WILL reap the rewards!

Don’t think setting up a Twitter and Facebook account and JUST splurging all your jobs through it, will gain you any social media influence – it won’t! Learn to engage, share and then engage again >>> go on, give it a try 🙂

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