Twitter is top job trend for 2009, says Indeed

Job Vertical Search engine in the US, Indeed posted a blog that says Twitter is the top trend of 2009 in jobs.

Check the trend graph here.

That’s amazing! As the blog post says:

The emergence of social media opportunities is striking, with Twitter being the #1 growth trend along with Facebook (#4), Blogger (#6), and Social Media (#9). Other strong technology-related trends are Cloud Computing at #2 and iPhone at #3.

This is about the trends in the US. How soon do we see such trends in the Indian market?

Well, that is still some way to go, in my opinion. Social media is still a add-on to the marketing and communication industry here – and hopefully will soon start making in-roads into mainstream business needs. I foresee a strong need of social media people who would train people on how to be online community management or as Forbes India called it – taking on the new job – Chief Conversation Officer.



Maybe not.

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