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In a world where approximately 100 million people are sending out more than 200 million Tweets each day, businesses know that they need to utilize Twitter, somehow. But they’ve struggled to figure out exactly how. Similarly, Twitter has had difficulty figuring out how to make the site work for both businesses and regular users. 

With the rollout of a new look that includes brand pages for businesses, that is likely to change.

Twenty-one of Twitter’s advertising partners, including American Express, Coca-Cola, and Disney, are being given first crack at the new brand pages, with the opportunity being expanded to more businesses in the next few weeks.

The new brand pages are completely customizable with colors, logos, and photos, and they allow a company to keep a featured Tweet at the top of the timeline while continuing to interact with others.

screenshot of new twitterThis gives businesses the opportunity to continually direct attention to a specific idea or item, or even a job posting.

So how does the new-look Twitter fit into your recruiting plans?

“Historically, Twitter has been person to person, or a company or brand throwing their information out there,” says Hillary Chybinski, a social media strategist in suburban Philadelphia.

“With the new Twitter brand pages, companies and brands really have the opportunity to show their hip factor. It should be easy for potential employees, particularly younger ones who have grown up with social media technology, to identify the ones that ‘get it,’ from the ones that don’t.”

Many businesses already make use of Facebook pages and Google+ has recently jumped into brand pages. too 

But for now, Chybinski says LinkedIn is the best bet for companies looking to hire, and that expanding beyond that should be done only if the time and money commitment are there.

“The more avenues you can leverage, the further your reach,” Chybinski said. “But if you only have limited resources it’s better to choose one and do it really well, than choose four and do a mediocre, or worse, job.”

Chybinski says it will be interesting to see how companies nurture and grow the new Twitter pages. 

“It’s one thing to have a Twitter account where you post specials and coupons but it’s quite another thing to have a Twitter identity where you showcase your brand and your mission,” she said.

In addition to brand pages, the new Twitter look will change each user’s home page, adding tabs and more video opportunities. Twitter is migrating users over gradually, so not everyone can see the new look, but there is a sneak peek available by grabbing the official mobile apps for iPhone or Android on the Twitter site.


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