Twitalyzer, a serious analytics tool for Twitter users

I have been watching this application for a while, and regularly chat with Jeff Katz one of the real leaders in the analytics space.  Twitalyzer will be releasing their 3.0 release within the next week and, if you have not yet checked them out I would urge you to do so.

Note, their free offering is enough for most people and probably most small businesses and local governments.  While I did attempt to sign up for their low cost individual offering I received an error through PayPal.  Unfortunate as this has been the only major glitch I have encountered so far.

What is Twitalyzer?

Twitalyzer literally analyzes your Twitter activity, and that of your network, to give you a rich set of  metrics with which you can refine your efforts on Twitter.  While the tool would benefit from analyzing other networks as well, providing organizations with a complete view of their activity, it does Twitter analysis so well that it is a must have tool.

Tell us more

The dashboard view has a graphical representation of 20 key metrics, ranging from simple measures such as number of followers to calculated measures like Impact and Velocity.    I would focus most upon these metrics:

  • Impact. This measure takes into account key numbers such as number of followers, number of unique retweets, the number of unique mentions, and other factors.  It is a good indicator of your overall “buzz”.
  • Signal.  This measure is an indicator of the value of your tweets.  It takes into account how often your tweets include links, mentions of others, retweets, and the like.  In other words, are you just telling us about your last cup of coffee or are you sharing something of interest.
  • Retweets per 1000 users.  This metric gives you a great feel for the business value of your community.  If your community is not helping you spread your message you need to find ways to bring in people who will.

Alright, can the tool help me find the right people?

I am glad you asked…. Yes, it can.  Twitalyzer includes the ability to search for other users to follow.  As an example, searching for users mentioning marketing with a generosity score greater than 80 returns a list of those users who retweet a lot of content about marketing topics.  Follow these people.  If and when they follow you back you MAY have enlisted someone who will retweet your content dealing with marketing…  Maybe?

Social media only goes so far, where can I go to meet with my community in person?

Twitalyzer enables you to visually find where the most impactful members of your Twitter community live with a nice use of Google maps.  Getting ready to go on the road?  Reach out to these users and meet them in person.

Curious which of your tweets are going the furthest?

Similar to Twitalyzer highlights which of your tweets are the most popular in terms of number of retweets.  I am looking forward to eventually having drill-down as I really want to know things like who retweeted and when. I would also love to see:

  • The impact score of the tweet.  In other words, take the average impact of the people retweeting the tweet as that is often more important than the total number of retweets.
  • The overall reach of the tweet.  Based upon overall community size for all of those people who have retweeted content, how many potential viewers saw my message?

What’s next for Twitalyzer?

As a betting man I am waiting for someone like Salesforce, Google (who should buy Salesforce too), or Lithium to ultimately by the company.  It would be a great addition to their offerings and give a major differentiator.

What else can I tell you about Twitalyzer?


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