Tweeting Better than Facebook within Organizations

Interesting post in the Blogspotting blog 🙂

SocialText CEO Eugene Lee argues that Twitter might be a better model than Facebook for next-gen communications within companies, so-called Enterprise 2.0. Facebook’s trouble? Reciprocal friending. The problem, he says, is that employees on corporate social networks start collecting friendships of execs. “Because the Rolodex is public, it becomes a matter of VP trading cards.”

A preferable model for corporate relationships, he says, is Twitter, where people lend their attention, not necessarily their friendship. In SocialText’s Twitter-like corporate offering, Signals, more people are likely to “follow” the CEO–assuming he or she has anything interesting to Tweet.

For those who don’t know – Yammer is a tool which is said to be Twitter for the organization!

Are you using it? Do you like Yamming (!) in your firm?

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