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TSheets Close Up: Getting the Most out of GPS

If you’re using the TSheets native Android and iOS apps or TSheets Touch (our mobile optimized web time tracking option) then chances are you’ve noticed that you can gather GPS information with your timesheets, but have you been able to take full advantage of this feature yet? Here are some TSheets Tips & Tricks to get GPS to work better for you!

Some background information…

To better understand how to maximize your GPS information, it will help to know the basics of how TSheets gathers GPS information.

GPS information will be recorded whenever an employee:

GPS information will continue to be recorded, in addition to the above circumstances, when the following conditions are met:

    * The app is open
    * The individual is clocked in
    * There is new GPS information being recorded by the device to send into TSheets.

GPS information will NOT be recorded if:

    ▪ The individual is off the clock
    ▪ Location Services have been disabled for the TSheets app or the entire device.
    ▪ The TSheets app is closed
    ▪ The device is unable to pull GPS information (poor reception, poor performance, etc.)

Best practices…

So as an employer or an account administrator, how can you ensure that GPS information is being recorded for your employees’ timesheets? Here are some helpful hints and best practices:

    ▪ Confirm that location services are enabled for the device and for the TSheets app specifically.
    ▪ Have your employees leave notes periodically throughout their shift.
    ▪ Make sure that your employees pay attention to the unsynced data on the device. In other words, when your employees first open the app to clock in for the day, make sure that they wait for the app to sync down the information for the day before continuing. This will happen each time that they open the app or change information such as clocking in or out, and ensuring that the app has time to finish syncing will result in more consistent GPS information.


If you’re noticing that no matter how hard you try, you still can’t get GPS information to pull down for your timesheet information here are some troubleshooting steps that will do wonders.

    1. Open the TSheets app and clock in.
    2. Count to 5 or 10 while the app is open, then close the app for a few minutes (5 to 10 should do the trick.)
    3. In the meantime, open up another mapping app on the device (or any app that utilizes GPS information) and wait for that app to pull up your current GPS location. Make sure it’s accurate then you can close or background this app, whichever you prefer.
    4. Open the app again, and leave a note on the timesheet. Tap save and wait for the app to complete a sync.
    5. Tap Stop to clock out and again count to 5 or 10 before fully closing the app.
    6. Review your GPS information online to see if it was able to pull accurate GPS data.

Of course if all of the above information hasn’t been able to get your GPS questions resolved, you can always reach out to our support team at our Help Desk to get additional assistance 🙂

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