Trust is the key to great company culture: 4 ways to build it

Every employer wants to have a strong company culture where workers feel happy and comfortable and are ready to work each day.

And the secret to achieving that? Trust. A recent study from Harvard Business Review found those who work in a high-trust environment have 74% less stress than those who don’t.

Some other benefits the study discovered include more energy, higher levels of engagement, fewer sick days and less burnout.

Openness and communication

Trust doesn’t just materialize overnight – it’s something that needs to be built purposefully. And Jeff Yurcisin, president of Zulily, shared steps he followed to achieve a trusting environment.

1. Be transparent. Always communicating openly with staff is a surefire way to gain their trust. An open-door policy lets employees know all thoughts and questions are welcome. Holding regular meetings to keep everyone in the loop helps to do this as well.

2. Be clear. A lot of workers are unsure of their companies’ goals. Make sure your employees know exactly where the company is heading and why, and how everyone helps achieve these goals.

3. Keep your promises. Nothing destroys trust more than not following through on something. If you tell an employee you’ll look into getting them help on a project, make sure you keep your word. This will emphasize reliability at work.

4. Get to know everyone. Getting familiar with people’s personal and professional goals will let your staff know you care about them on a human level. Being genuinely interested in your people will naturally foster trust.

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