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Increase the Trust within your organization, team, management.

Team Building & Leadership Expert Michael Cardus

Trust Happens on Purpose within Teams

…it is not an accidental property. People join organizations wanting to be trusted and trust that the team they are on + the leader they are accountable too is;

  • Competent
  • Accountable
  • Honest
  • Aligned with their skills, values and perceptions.

Leaders and teams develop folkloric constructs of “why they behave like they do”

Folkloric Construct = Shared stories within an organization / team / community, that are perceived as being true.

Trust reciprocates with the person, the team, the organization, the culture, the leader, and all of those explicit and implicit values and commitments to each other and themselves.


  • Increase your efficiency and profit
  • Decrease the amount of time to make decisions
  • Increase on-time completion of projects and work
  • Decrease wasted time spent on duplicated processes
  • Learn to differentiate Trust Attracting from Trust Rappelling Organizational & management systems
  • Learn how to create a system that attracts and increases trust within your team, and management
  • Determine your teams current  level of trust, and steps to increase the level trust
  • Develop specific action steps to have trust happen on purpose within your team
  • Determine metrics to measure increases and decreases in trust within your team


What others have to say;

“It was a pleasure spending the day with you…To say the program that you put together for us had impact would be a huge understatement. This was by far the BEST team building experience that we have ever had. I learned so much more about my team and what we are capable of. We all leave this experience confident that we can accomplish anything we collectively set our minds to. I want to sincerely Thank You for all of your time, patience, direction, and teamwork.”

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[email protected] call 1-716-629-3678

Increase the Trust within your organization, team, management.

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