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I hate Madison, Wisconsin!

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Much like the 1994 Cameron/Schwarznegger tour de force, nothing about TRU USA was what it initially appeared to be.

I was prepared to dislike the location of the event.  When I first heard that this event was going to be held in Madison, Wisconsin,  I wondered what the hell Bill Boorman and Geoff Webb were thinking.    It would be difficult to get to and the city was so small – bla bla bla, etc etc.

I was prepared to be horribly disappointed about the content of the event due to the volcano driven absence of Bill Boorman and the Euro contingent that had been planning to attend.

The Truth about TRU USA

I was wrong on all counts!

Springtime in the Midwest United States is awesome.  I haven’t seen a true Midwestern spring day in several years.  Madison is a vibrant community and still one of the bastions of liberal and progressive thinking in the United States.  This was a great place to hold the first TRU show in the U.S., and the Brink Lounge was an awesome meeting space.

Recruiters, sourcers, and HR folks are really smart and adaptable people.   Despite the absence of some key participants, we all just jumped in and participated in the  event with some fervor.  It was amazing.  I learned a lot.   I even picked up an extra track on Job Boards 2020 and held my own, despite only about three seconds of time to prepare.

Key Learnings from TRU

If you are an HR practitioner and you are not paying attention to the recruiting and sourcing end of our business, you should be!   These people are doing leading edge stuff and they get it.   Here are some great folks to start with:

  1. Geoff Webb
  2. Marie Journey
  3. Raye Anne Thorn
  4. Ryan Leary
  5. Jeff Lipschultz
  6. Craig Fisher
  7. Steve Levy
  8. Steve Rothberg
  9. Sarah White

It was awesome to meet Bryan Wempen in person.   It is always amazing to me how some cyber-connections just fall into place when you get to meet face to face.  We had some great conversations, and I look forward to more business discussion with Bryan soon.

Unconferences are rapidly becoming my preferred method of learning.  The vibe of these events is so much more accommodating to interactive learning than many of the big conferences.  Mixing the energy of a geek unconference event with the HR knowledge on display here makes this a terrific medium.

I can’t wait to get to TRU Amsterdam in June.  I hear there will be several hundred people at this event!

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