Fellow phenom blogger, Laurie Ruettimann, started something spectacular on her blog.  While she is traveling to #trulondon, she opened her blog up to job seekers.  Each poster had the opportunity to highlight experience, strengths, fun facts and stories.  The stories are remarkable.  And sometimes difficult.  Read them – each one of them and see if you can do anything to help.  As @JobAngels reminds us, try to just help one person find work.  
Taking a cue from Laurie, let me highlight a friend of ours who made a huge transition.  Paul Weideman was a high-rolling marking executive in Detroit.   I don’t need to write too much about Detroit since it is pretty common knowledge that the city is struggling.  So Paul decided to shift gears and create his own business.  Mirror Lake Organics was born.  Paul (and his super cool wife Marj) sell vegetables, meat and the most incredible soaps that I have ever used.  He is a mad genius and everything we get from him so just amazing.  And a special plug as I am allergic to most scents, this soap is just perfect.  No wicked dry skin, no soap residue, no blandness.  Just cool, fun and refreshing skin.  
So if you seek amazing soap along with season-permitting good eats, think of supporting small businesses born out of our country’s transition.  He is also an amazing painter but that’s another post.  

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