Transform Workplace Tone

Transform Workplace Tone

Transform Workplace Tone

Transformation comes to circles where tone is valued and good tone ensures transformation. Sound like a winning duo for those who enjoy change and go for growth?

When respect is evident and differences welcomed,  tone simply ensures that possibilities get more communicated than problems presented. Transformation hinges on rolling out different insights, from people whose common agenda connects to an outcome that benefits the wider community.

Peter Block, author of Community, the Structure of Belonging, suggests that restoration comes first to small groups where people seek to create something together. Have you found that?

In contrast to creativity sparked in small groups, self interest tends to wield a toxic tone, that insists on one-sided answers. It’s often a straightforward choice at work – intolerance and one up-ship of those who differ, or  good tone that welcomes and includes all.   Relegate peripheral places to those not chosen to belong, and you have already ushered in toxic tone. Luckily choice works both ways when it relates to tone at work.

Create the kinds of conversation which tends to question more than offer water-tight answers, and good tone tends to follow. Enlist people’s curiosity more than merely deliver advice, and tone will spark new insights that can change and improve a group’s direction forward.

Have you  surveyed your organizational tone temp lately?

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