Traditional or Brainpowered Leadership?

Traditional Leaders Differ from Mita Brainpowered Leaders in 5 Core Areas:

Which side of the chart best shows your leadership approach?

Traditional Leaders see Headship as Central- while Innovation is Central to Brainpowered Leaders
1 Tells and Delivers Questions and Wonders
2 Critiques for Mistakes Targets Improvements
3 Fosters Similarity Expects Quality Differences
4 Talents at the Top Moves Multiple Resources Throughout
5 End with Test Completion Reflects with Innovation Celebration

Traditional Leaders see People to be Led- while People are Capital to Brainpowered Leaders

You’ll recognize that Brainpowered leadership  views, hold:

  • people as capital
  • leaders as facilitators
  • knowledge as shared
  • workplaces as curious and caring communities
  • Innovation as an engine forward

Your leadership distinctives?

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