Tradeshows are Expen$ive: 33 Tips to Maximize Your ROE (Return on Exhibiting)

Article: 33 tips to become a better exhibitor

A vast space. Row after row after row of booths. Ten or more booths to a row.

At a major tradeshow, everything and everyone seems to blend together.

As an exhibitor, you’re spending too much money to get lost in the crowd. Snappy signage and cool matching shirts aren’t enough—and one of them might not even be a good idea to get the results you need. Hundreds of other exhibitors have hopes for their products and services just as high as you have for yours, and have focused their attention on the same show. Amidst this competition, to be a successful exhibitor, you need to go above and beyond the norm without being gimmicky; doing so requires a combination of strategy, tactics and interpersonal skills, plus a significant amount of preparation.

Our latest article gives you 33 tips to help you become a more successful exhibitor. The tips are organized into five sections:

1. Before You Decide to Exhibit
2. Picking Shows
3. Before a Show
4. During a Show
5. After a Show

Download today and enjoy (no registration required, compliments of HRmarketer and Fisher Vista).

You might also enjoy listening to the audio of a recent webinar we hosted on “Exhibiting Dos and Don’ts”  with expert marketing speakers Craig Fisher (founder of #TalentNet Live social recruiting training conferences) and Jen Iliff (former Marketing and PR director at a leading RPO. 

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