Track companies more efficiently with the *new* LinkedIn Company Status Updates

Linkedin breaking outNow we are talking. LinkedIn has now given you a way of sharing information with all the people that follow your company on LinkedIn. Equally, importantly thay have given you an easy way of tracking company information and updates more easily (read full post to see how).

<Pause for a second 🙂 > You do know what I am referring to here I hope? It is the fact that you are able to Follow apple ‘Follow’ companies of your choosing on LinkedIn to see all their ‘news’ – new employees, leavers, changes etc. If not, do a search for a company you are interested in – on the right hand side of the page you will see the ‘Follow’ button shown here. Simply click it and you are following that company – very similar to the Like button on Facebook pages.

LinkedIn now allow Companies to post Status Updates (exactly as the ones in a personal profile) that will allow all followers of those companies to get the company status updates in their update feed. >>Excellent news!!

Spam As with status updates there are a few things to consider here – the primary being – don’t be a company plank and just use it to post loads of jobs all the time!!

That is just spamming! This will be the quickest way to get people to unfollow your company or even worse, hide you in their update stream! This is what happened with LinkedIn Twitter spam!


Think two words – INTERESTING and ENGAGING. Vary the content – add in links, product info, latest news, humour, (one) job of the day maybe etc etc

A good example of this is, is a recent company status update from Harvard Business Review:

Harvard LIMore examples can be found on the LinkedIn blog here.

With these new company status updates, companies will have the flexibility to share the latest on the company directly to all of their followers on their company page’s “Overview” tab. The updates can be up to 500 characters long and can support URLs with multimedia as well.
Any LinkedIn member can post a comment, like or share the company status update so the potential for sharing and building your brand further is huge. 

How to turn your company status updates on?

Simply go to your company page, and tick the box Admin Tools box on the right, and click Edit. Then in the main screen tick the box Designated users, and add all the users that YOU allow to post updates (they must be connected to you to do this). Simple – that’s it. Now any of the designated users can start posting updates.

If you are still not sure, then just watch this quick official LinkedIn video here

I really like this new addition by LinkedIn, and from a recruitment perspective it now allows me to be clever in how I track companies and what they are doing.

Being Clever

Now you have the updates coming through, you want to make sure you don’t miss them amongst all your other updates. So use Signal (the ability to search your status updates) shown on the top right above the updates (shown here):

Search LI updates
Put in the company name of the company you are following into the search. Then simply click Save. It will save the search in the left toolbar of the status update. So to get the latest information at any time, just click on the saved search and all the latest company status updates will be shown here.

As a I said – this is going to be a great addition to LinkedIn. Go and turn on your updates for company today.

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