Top ten trends of 2009 (one of many, but one of the best)

This presentation by Guy Haim of TBWA Digital in Tel Aiv is one of the many top ten trends / happenings of 2009 kicking around, but to my mind it’s one of the best.

Guy’s list is as follows:

1 – The Citizen Eco-Drive watch, which can be charged by any light source.   With an amazing ‘light forever’ YouTube promo about Tokyo
2 – Turning pitching into crowd-sourcing, for example when London agency MovingBrands answered a London re-brand brief by opening it up to the public
3 – 10,000 sheep.   Artist Aaron Koblin gets 10,000 Amazon ‘mechanical turks’ to draw him sheep at 2p a shot for an on and offline installation (as an aside check out what our friends at RAAK did with their logo and mechanical turk)
4 – Digital agency Nonsence creates a web based business in 24 hours, broadcasting the process live online, and then putting the whole thing for sale on ebay
5 – The VW campaign around the ‘fun theory’
6 – Real time BBQ (and food) – Kogi BBQ travels around LA tweeting its location to followers
7 – Kickstarter, an open funding platform for creatives.   Put up your idea and ask for funds
8 – The ‘generation M manifesto’ by Umair Haque (m standing for ‘movement’, people acting with more authenticity and responsibly)
9 – First Direct putting live positive and negative feedback on its site, ‘radical transparency indeed’ (good for them for doing this, but they aren’t the 1st to do so)
10 – Welcome to ‘Now’, the new real time in communications and a simulation of ‘now’ from US cellphone company Sprint

Below, video to promote the citizen eco-watch

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