Top Ten Dream Jobs

A good friend has interviewed for a Country Director position with the Peace Corps. If hired, she and her family will be packing up and moving to an as-yet unknown location to manage the Peace Corps program in her assigned country. She’s fabulously qualified for this specialized Federal job and I look forward to visiting her, especially if she ends up in Jamaica, Thailand, Fiji, or Madagascar.

Her possible move has me thinking about dream jobs. Staying away from a few sophomoric hormone-induced fantasies, here’s my top ten list:

1. Professional sleeper. You might not make a lot of money, but opportunities actually do exist. And maybe you could combine this gig with some of the others on the list and actually make a living.

2. Rock star. Sleep late. Travel. Play music. Be adored.

3. Taster. What’s your pleasure? Taste wine, chocolate, beer for a living or extra cash. Or become an ice cream scientist paid to develop new flavors.

4. Surfing Instructor.  They’re hiring in Sydney, Australia! (I’ve never surfed, but I could learn!)

5. Island CareTaker. Your employer owns multiple houses and they need someone to help care for their tropical vacation home year-round.

Beautiful tropical island resort

6. Personal Hairdresser or Make-up Artist for celebrities like Oprah or Michelle Obama. Or how about becoming a personal chef for the rich and famous?  Sweet!

7. Food Critic. I’d love to get paid to eat and write like Washington Post food critic Tom Sietsema.

8.  Vacationer. Like a mystery shopper but ten times better:  Travel to exotic locations and upscale resorts to report on your experience!

9. Honeymoon Tester. Recently in the news; talk about a job with benefits! Get paid to test out the most romantic wedding and honeymoon destinations around the world for six months. I bet I could talk my spouse into that one.

You may notice I didn’t include any human resources jobs, but I will point out that CareerBuilder has a long list of great sounding HR positions in Hawaii!

And number ten? Drum roll, please.

10. Blogger. Here’s a list of the top ten highest paid bloggers from Madconomist,  all making $250,000 and up.

What sweet jobs are in your Top Ten?

photo by man’s pic

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