Top 6 Service Anniversary Program Mistakes

We were recently with our sales partners in Holiday Valley, NY where we discussed best practices to creating a culture of recognition as well as the most common mistakes we see organizations making when it comes to rewarding their employees for their loyal service.

Consistently, one of the things we most commonly see is a lack of reward choices, forcing an employee to select from a predetermined list. Or, awards that have point values that are significantly higher than what is available through common retailers.

In fact, our own CSI International research shows that employees in point based service anniversary recognition programs opt for multiple awards 84% of the time.

If you have an employee loyalty program that rewards your team’s key milestones and you are doing so with either fixed or limited award choices, you are alienating the vast majority of your employee base.

I will talk more about some of the mistakes organizations make with their programs, but for now, check out the info grahic below:

Top 6 Service Anniversary Program Mistakes

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