Top 5 Online Job Boards for Recruiters, by exposure rate

By Kalen Smith, MBA (finance, marketing).

When advertising on job sites, you want your application to be seen by enough candidates to make it worthwhile. Social media recruiting is probably your safest bet, but if you haven’t established those channels yet, it doesn’t mean you can’t recruit new staff.

Posting to online job boards can be expensive. To maximize value, you’ll want to use a job board that has a high number of potential applicants, but won’t have your post competing for attention with too many other companies.

You want your job posting to get the best possible exposure. There are different ways you can measure the possible exposure rate your ad will receive. One simple way is to consider the number of people who visit a job site, and to compare it to the number of other job posts on the site.

The first factor you should take a look at is the amount of traffic the job site receives. Services like Google Insights can help you determine if a website is popular in your area. You may have to assume that sites with a high number of unique visitors will also have a relatively high number of potential job applicants.

However, traffic alone doesn’t tell you the true value of a job site. Placing your job post on a site with many potential applicants is helpful, but your post will also be competing for attention with millions of other postings. 

The best approach is to use the ratio of the number of unique visitors to other job postings. This is the exposure rate each ad is likely to receive.

The following is a compilation of the traffic, number of indexed pages and overall exposure rate for five of the most popular jobs boards. The number of unique visitors was compiled by and the number of indexed pages were found using the Google site tool. The number of indexed pages provides an easy estimate of the number of competing job posts.


Number of unique visitors (UVs): 12,739,973
Pages indexed through Google: 5,580,000
UV/Indexed pages ratio: 2.28

Monster stats


Number of unique visitors (UVs): 15,690,244
Pages indexed through Google:  8,770,000
UV/Indexed pages ratio: 1.78

careerbuilder stats


Number of unique visitors (UVs): 4,734,575
Pages indexed through Google: 6,410,000
UV/Indexed pages ratio: 0.738

snagajob stats


Number of unique visitors (UVs): 16,872,746
Pages indexed through Google: 96,900,000
UV/Indexed pages ratio: 0.174


Number of unique visitors (UVs): 4,202,964
Pages indexed through Google:  28,500,000
UV/Indexed pages ratio: 0.147

simplyhired stats

Based off of this information, is the site that has the highest job post exposure rate. Of course, similar searches for websites that are popular in your area will reveal different results.

The metrics here indicate that many employers are not using the job sites that are best-suited for their job postings. 

Rather than focusing on the most popular job sites, employers should be considering the sites that have the highest chance of getting viewed by their desired applicants. Business is all about getting value for money.


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