Top 5 most Inspirational Men believes that every person is amazing and has the potential to influence others for good. This is why they’ve compiled a list of 5 inspirational men. It wasn’t easy, because there’s so many!

1. George Washington. His ideals, were built from philosophers and refined to build a nation. He fought for what he believed in and millions of people are affected by his determination today.
2. Isaac Newton. He invented calculus and challenged the idea of our world. He discovered things about our universe that are still being utilized hundreds of years later.
3. Mahatma Ghandi. His teachings and example still inspire billions each day.
4. Martin Luther King Junior. He challenged the nation to accomplish unity and because of his success he’s changed the world forever.
5. Albert Einstein. He not only questioned fundamentals of our universe, like gravity, but he his story inspires scientists to push past the general consensus each day.

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