Top 5 HR Webcomics

They’re often cynical, sometimes vulgar, and almost always funny. From Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal to xkcd, webcomics are the digital world’s response to the fall of the newspaper.

In honour of one of the internet’s greatest time-wasters, TribeHR has ranked the five best webcomics for the human resource professional.

He also works in the cafeteria.

Dilbert: Not technically a webcomic.

5. The PC Weenies. (Website, Twitter) — With its 13-year run recently coming to an abrupt hiatus, The PC Weenies is re-publishing its full archives on Tumblr. There’s never been a better time to start following the high-tech office humour—and you just might learn something.

4. ZooDotCom. (Website, RSS, Twitter) — In a cash crisis, the city zoo enlists their animals inhabitants to run their website and IT infrastructure. Pandemonium is a given.

3. Business Casual. (Website, RSS) — Featuring a mustachioed boss that reminds me of a certain pointy-haired someone. Updated Mondays and Fridays: Turn your week into a Business Casual sandwich.

2. Office Rats. (Website, RSS) — The struggles of training, customer service, policies, and employee relations. Plus occasional appearances from an Office Ninja.

1. Dilbert. (Website, RSS) — Okay, so it’s not technically a webcomic. The famous syndicated comic was an early adopter of the internet, though, and has a solid website, with a complete online archive and numerous interactive features. You have to give credit where credit is due, and who can help but love Catbert, the evil director of human resources?

What other great webcomics belong on our list?

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