Top 3 Criteria for Measuring Quality of Hire, Driving HCAHPS Scores

Reprinted with permission from Madeline Laurano, Research Director at Aberdeen Group. Originally posted at on October 24, 2013. 

Madeline joined Pinstripe during a recent webinar, Tying Talent Strategies to HCAHPS Impact. Click the link for access to the free replay.

Recently, I presented during a webinar hosted by Pinstripe around Tying Talent Strategies to HCAHPS Impact. Improving HCAHPS scores is a top priority for all healthcare organizations regardless of size. Although many healthcare institutions understand that quality of care matters, few understand the role talent plays in driving patient satisfaction. What we found in our research is that when healthcare organizations are able to recruit and develop top talent, they are more likely to influence the patient experience and strengthen their corporate brand—which ultimately improves HCAHPS scores. One of the key recommendations we presented was defining the criteria you use for quality of hire.

Below is the description of how healthcare organizations we researched are defining quality of hire.

Quality of hire ensures that recruiters are more accountable for the performance of the hire once they are onboard, instead of simply handing them over to managers. Although it is a priority for many healthcare organizations, determining the key criteria used to measure quality of hire is a challenge, especially since there is no standardization around how it is defined. In fact, only 20% of organizations have a clear understanding of how quality of hire is measured. The top criteria we found in our talent acquisition research for measuring quality of hire include:

quality of hire stats

1.)   Organizational fit (3.92)

2.)   Patient satisfaction (3.82)

3.)   Retention rate (3.94)

This criteria is based on a scale of 1-4 (1 being the least effective, and 4 being the most effective).

The idea that people are too complex to measure is an outright myth; it’s a challenge to be sure, but there are concrete steps you can take today to begin evaluating the effectiveness of your talent. Quality of Hire: Myth or Measurement explores the historic problems with measuring quality, presents a new lens on the topic, and includes an applicable three-step process to accurately assess quality of hire. Step one, download this free whitepaper!

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