Top 10 TV Channel Logos

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There are a hundreds of TV channels broadcasting news, entertainment, discoveries, music and sports through a cable or satellite but people don’t prefer to watch any TV channel; they prefer those television channels that entertain them, the most. What makes people remember such channels and turn on to them the next day is their logo. It is one of the elements that helps to create a good brand image and that’s what all top TV stations have.

Let’s see the top 10 TV channels logos to realize how much a logo means to these channels:

Animal Planet Logo

Animal Planet Logo:

Animal Planet logo was created by Discovery Communications on Oct 1st, 1996. The live channel specifically broadcasts different theories, ways of living and other relevant stuff about animal’s life. Animal Planet logo has been designed in three shades of green color to address nature with the letter “M” appearing as a letter ”W” in light green shade, purposefully emphasized in order to focus the wild themes that the channel displays.

CNN Channel Logo

CNN Logo:

CNN, the cable news network and one of the best news channels was founded in 1980 by Ted Burner. It was the first TV channel to broadcast news, 24 hours a day. CNN logo has remained the same since start. The three letter stroke logo represents the continuity to reflect the purpose; the channel serves for i.e. 24 hours news. In other words, CNN logo portrays supremacy of the channel.

Comedy Central Channel Logo

Comedy Central Channel Logo:

Comedy Central is an American cable television that is renown for its comedy programs. Comedy Central logo reflects the evolution of the popular channel when it emerged on the screen as one of the most successful comedy network in 1991. The red color background in channel’s logo portrays how the channel has adopted risk taking comedy as a challenge to be accepted by the people.

Discovery Channel Logo

Discovery Channel Logo:

Discovery channel was founded by John Hendricks and falls under the umbrella of Discovery Communications. The channel is based on documentary programming similar to History and National Geographic channel. The logo features tight fonts and the earth reflects the channel’s cause of existence i.e. to portray evolutionary documentary on the basis of Earth Science.

Food Network Logo

Food Network Channel Logo:

Food network as the name indicates is a channel about food and cooking. The online channel broadcasts both recurring and one time programs about food and cooking. The circular logo of the channel, takes shape of a plate with food written at its centre in order to represent the channel’s purpose while red color background is used to reflect the hunger.

Fox Soccer Channel Logo

Fox Soccer Channel Logo:

The mobile internet channel “Fox Soccer” is owned by News Corporation’s Fox Entertainment Group. The channel broadcasts rugby and the Australian football. Fox soccer shield logo over the golden background represents the brand image of the popular sports channel Fox Soccer in style.

History Channel Logo

History Channel Logo:

History, formerly known as History Channel broadcast the historical events, personalities and scientific phenomena with observations as noted by the historians. The letter “H” serves as a trademark to History while the triangular shape is used as a play button for animations and fly outs during commercials and shows.

National Geographic Logo

National Geographic Channel Logo:

The TV channel National Geographic also called as NAT GEO airs documentaries with factual contents on history, science, arts and culture. The rectangular portrait frame of National Geographic logo in yellow reflects the cause of natural geography i.e. to expand and spread the geographical knowledge across the globe.

Nickelodeon Logo

Nickelodeon Channel Logo:

Nickelodeon is the American cable network owned by MTV Network. Although, Nickelodeon’s prime time block aims at teenagers but the channel is specifically for the kids between the age of 6 and 12. The Nickelodeon logo portrays slime splat as homage to their old tradition when the Nickelodeon was well known of throwing the slime splat at big stars.

MTV Logo

MTV Channel Logo Design:

MTV was launched on August 1st, 1981. The original purpose of the channel was to play music videos but the channel later on started to broadcast the popular culture and reality TV shows. It also lead popular music channel “MTV” to a controversy in the past, so the channel dropped the word “Music Television” from its logo and categorized itself as an entertainment channel.

You would have realized that the top 10 TV channels have one thing in common i.e. they aim to build credibility with their viewers. Therefore, the tool that top TV channels use in order to portray their good image to the viewer is a purposeful logo design that describes exactly what the channel is all about.



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