Top 10 Software and Hardware Logos

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Why do giant software and hardware designing companies have unique logos? Each company having a unique logo isn’t just a coincidence. It’s their professional logos that appeal to their audience. Therefore, big companies prefer an effective and efficient logo design that reflects their business standards. Let’s review the top 10 hardware and software logos to grasp the idea behind their logos success:

Microsoft Logo

Microsoft Corporation Logo

Microsoft Corporation has been recently ranked as #1 software developing company. Soft wares designed by Microsoft for internet, graphics and office applications are recognized as the best around the world. The slash between the letters “s” and “o” in Microsoft logo emphasize that the corporation stands for software and sets an example for corporate companies how to portray their benchmarks.

Intel Logo

Intel Corporation Logo

If you say that Intel Corporation is the biggest name in hardware products, you won’t be wrong since the corporation is the largest provider of semiconductor chips round the globe. Intel invented x86 microprocessor series i.e. found in almost each PC. Intel is an abbreviation for Integrated Electronics; that’s also what the logo of Intel Corporation portrays and reminds the audience about its hardware products.

Hewlett Packard Logo

Hewlett-Packard Company Logo

Hewlett-Packard Company is the 2nd biggest name in hardware manufacturing. Company has been named after William Hewlett and David Packard who established the company “hp” in 1939. Circle in white encircling the tilted fonts with a black color rectangular background depicts the creativity of hp logo design; in other words, hp logo in black and white looks great.

Oracle Logo

Oracle Corporation Logo

Oracle Corporation is another big name in soft ware developing after Microsoft Corporation. Oracle Corporation was the first company to develop and deploy 100 % internet-enable enterprise software. The orange red color logo of Oracle Corporation with a unique typography conveys innovation.

Apple Logo

Apple Inc. Logo

Apple Inc. is the 3rd recognized hardware manufacturing brand across the globe. The company posses a good image for its creative hardware products such as Macintosh computers and Apple iPod. The monochrome Apple logo depicts flexibility to Apple Inc. and eases the company to brand its products.

Canon Logo

Canon Inc. Logo

Canon Inc., the Japanese corporation is recognized for its optical hardware products around the world. Almost, everyone knows that Canon Inc. is famous for its cameras. The bright red color logo of Canon Inc. effectively depicts Canon’s corporate spirit to set a global standard for advance technologies. The inward stroke of letter “C” in Canon’s logo portrays novelty.

SAP Logo


SAP AG is the 3rd best software developing corporation after Oracle. The company is well known for its SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) soft ware. SAP stands for Systeme, Anwendungen und Produkte in der Datenverarbeitung; in simple words “Systems, Application and Products in Data Processing”. SAP logo follows the fundamental principle of logo designing i.e. “simplicity”.

Dell Logo

Dell Inc. Logo

Dell Inc. leads the Xerox Corporation in hardware products. Since Michael Dell founded the company; therefore the corporation was named after him as “Dell”. Each letter in logo of Dell is placed straight except the letter “E”. Dell kept ‘E’ crooked in its logo to build brand image. If Dell would have kept its “E” straight; it won’t be eye catchy and people won’t be able to identify Dell Inc. since “dell” is also a dictionary word.

Xerox Logo

Xerox Corporation

Xerox Corporation had been recognized for its black & white printers and photocopiers in the past. Today, the company has emerged as one of the giant hardware manufacturing company, manufacturing the large volumes of LCD monitors and digital printers. The term “Xerox” is a synonym of photocopier. Since, people started to perceive Xerox as the photocopier company; therefore Xerox added a red sphere marked by white “X” laced with silver stripes in Xerox logo to overcome the misconception about its brand image.

Adobe Logo

Adobe Systems Incorporated Logo

Adobe Systems Incorporated was founded in December, 1982 by John Warnock and Charles Geschke. The corporation’s user friendly software has brought complex protocol applications at ease. You would have seen many logos of software for graphics but what makes Adobe logo unique is the triangular abstract “A” i.e. used as homage to its first logo designed by Marva Warnock who kept the letter “A” stylized in first logo of Adobe.

In a nut shell, the great software and hardware logos have 3 elements in common i.e. unique fonts, creative typography and significant colors.



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