Top 10 Shoe Company Logos

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There are only few shoe companies in the world whose brands have made an everlasting impression in the minds of the customers for so long whereas majority has fallen flat. Why is that so? Quality, lifestyle and creativity are not the only elements these brands bring in their products; they also consider one of the most essential factors of corporate branding i.e. the exclusivity of their logos. Here are the top 10 logos of famous shoe brands:


Pony Logo

Pony International, the designer, distributer and marketer of high performance footwear was founded in 1972. Sport personalities like Pele, Muhammad Ali, Spud Webb and many other famous athletes have worn Pony shoes. The SIGNATURE CHEVRON logo of Pony International was designed as a rebranding strategy to highlight the 3 main divisions of company, namely; PERFORMANCE, VINTAGE and PLAY with the tag line “Back in the Game”.


lugz Logo

The brand, LUGZ was established in 1993. LUGZ was first endorsed by key players from the world of hip-hop. “The Green Eyed Bandit” was the first to endorse the brand, LUGZ. Previously, the brand manufactured boots only but now the brand has extended its production from casual shoes, sandals to atheletic shoes. LUGZ use FULL GRAIN LEATHER in their boots to design and produce DURABLE shoes; LUGZ logo also reflects the CREATIVE element of the brand.


Fila Logo

FILA, the innovative athletic shoe brand of Italy established in 1911 has a bold, passionate and stylish logo. FILA logo justifies the origin of this brand. The letter “F” in the logo of Fila depicts all about its logo. The upper part of the letter”F” takes the shape of a sole with lower portion resembling socks to categorize the unique shoe company. Analyzing critically, you can see that each letter of the logo symbolizes the brand image in style.


New Balance Logo

The footwear manufacturer New Balance is based in Boston. It was established in 1906 as the New Balance Arch Support Company. The company is famous for its RUNNING SHOES. New Balance outlets offer a sufficient discount that invokes the customer to buy these exclusive shoes. The logo of the company fits well with the name that portrays balanced spikes moving from the letter “N” to “B” since the shoes give a great balance to runners.


Starbury Logo

The American brand, STARBURY was founded by the NBA players; STEPHON MARBURY and BELL WALLACE in 2006 as a pair of $14.98 basket ball shoes to compete with the athletic shoes already available in the market. STARBURY shoes are also available online today. The logo has a buried star and takes on the shape of a number”3” that was also the number of the shirt that STARBURY used to wear in NBA.


Skechers Logo

SKECHERS Shoe Company was formed by Robert Greenberg in 1992 with his son as the distributor of Doc Martens (DMs). The company focuses towards shoes based on girls lifestyle. Pop stars like Britney Spears, Ashlee Simpson and Christiana Aguilera have promoted SKECHERS in past. The fonts in SKECHERS logo are Serpentine Bold Italic while the stylish S in the logo has been slanted to portray the target market of SKECHERS i.e. 10-30 years old.


Reebok Logo

Reebok is a subsidiary of German sports wear Adidas. The company was formed in 1958 by the grand children of Joseph William Fosters who made the FIRST RUNNING SHOE .The name Reebok comes from the South African antelope “RHEBOK”. Several outlets of Reebok are spread throughout the world. CRUZEIRO is the font style that Reebok has adopted in its logo.


Puma Logo

In 1948, RUDOPH DASSLER founded the company Puma. The company manufactures high end athletic shoes. Puma also offers online stores facility to customers for shopping. The brand identity of the company is unique and the logo features the brand in style with a PUMA JUMPING over the letters “PUMA”. The red background in the logo portrays the prestige of the brand for years. MY PUMA are the type fonts used in the logo.


Adidas Logo

Adidas is a well recognized name in the category of shoe manufacturing companies. 2 brothers ADOLPH & RUDOLPH DASSLER founded the company but Rudolph left his brother due to the rising rift between them and opened his own company in 1948 i.e. now known as Puma .The logo of Adidas symbolizes 3 PARALLEL BARS that take shape of a mountain to carry on the MOTIF of the company i.e. to carry out the goals that lies ahead of the company.


Nike Logo

Nike was founded on Jan 25th, 1964 as “Blue Ribbon Sports” by BILL BOWERMAN and PHILLIPS KNIGHT that became Nike in 1978. Nike logo was designed by the designer Carolyn Davidson in 1971. The brand has chosen the name from “GREEK GODDESS OF VICTORY”. The swoosh mark represents the wings of the Greek Goddess of Victory.

In short, every great shoe company has a logo i.e. either based on company’s history, athletic skills or stylish type fonts. If the logo of the company is able to grab the attention of the customer then there is no way that your brand won’t be remembered. Having a unique logo as your business identity wouldn’t just generate you the revenues that you desire but also boost up the benchmark of your business.


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