Top 10 Charity Logos

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In the contemporary times, the charity organizations are running with astuteness and professional environment just like profit organizations. These organizations respect their cause and work for others to develop better environment throughout the world. Since charities need an image to portray their identity to the world; therefore, a logo for charity organization is mandatory. Here are top 10 charity organization logos out of the best in world:

Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) Logo

Animal Welfare Institute Charity Logo

AWI was founded in 1951 to reduce the PAIN AND FAIR inflicted on animals by humans. AWI works against animal factories which first raise and slaughter animals. Another goal of AWI is to end the torture inflicted on furbearing animals by steel jaw leg hold traps and wire snares. The logo features AWI work emphasis in style. A claw portrays land animals, the caudal fin represents sea animals and the bird symbolizes Aves.

Autism Speaks Logo

Autism Speakcharity Logo

Autism Speaks is a New York based advocacy organization founded in February 2005 by BOB WRIGHT and his wife SUZANNE to improve public awareness about autism. The logo of Autism Speaks is very inspirational. The logo features a jigsaw puzzle that also resembles a child who is sitting up. The slogan “It’s time to listen” reflects the initiative of organization to address communication disorders.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (B&MGF) Logo

Bil l& Mellinda Gates Charity Logo

B & MGF is the largest transparency foundation with its primary aim to enhance healthcare and reduce extreme poverty across the globe. In America, the foundation focuses to expand education so that every American citizen can access information technology with ease. The logo highlights the names of the founders of this organization. The red color in simple type fonts portrays passion of Bill and Melinda to work for others.

Cancer Research UK (CRUK) Logo

Cancer Research UK Logo

Cancer Research UK is the world’s leading charity dedicated to beating cancer through research. CRUK was formed on Feb 4th, 2002 by the merger of CANCER RESEARCH CAMPAIGN and IMPERIAL CANCER RESEARCH FUND. The 10 dots in the logo form an arrow that end on a red spot, the ARROW is meant for research while the RED SPOT portrays the disease cancer. Logo depicts online research based cancer treatment foundation in style.

Children’s Aid Foundation

Children's Aid Foundation Charity Logo

Children’s Aid Foundation is a national organization committed to improve the lives of abused, neglected and at risk children. The logo is emotionally featuring neglected child’s imagination who is sitting on the moon thinking about his neglected life and looking at the sky asking God: Would you ever save me from my life troubles?

Flying Kites Logo

Flying Kites Charity Logo

Flying Kites is seeking out ways to raise the standard of care for the world’s poorest children. Primary aim of this nonprofit organization is to provide orphans with a home to live in. The logo of the foundation depicts a child in between the flying kite enjoying the life moments. The blue color in the logo depicts trustworthiness of Flying Kites.

United Way Logo

United Way Charity Logo

United Way of America is a non-profit organization having 1303 local offices throughout US in alliance with charitable organizations to address community issues regarding school, government agencies or financial institutions. The logo features 3 emblem of the foundation i.e. the rainbow portrays hope, the hand depicts support and the person represents humanity, comprising all it portrays care, trust and inspiration of United Ways.

WWF (World Wide Fund) Logo

WWF Charity Logo

World Wide Fund is an international NGO working to control the natural environment. The first ever logo of WWF was designed in 1961 by SIR PETER SCOTT who wanted to raise the issue regarding endangered species “PANDA” to be addressed by the authorities. Later on, the logo of the foundation was modified till in 2000 custom made font logo was designed by SAMPSON/TYRELL-ENTERPRISE IG.

The Salvation Army Logo Design

Salvation Army Charity Logo

Salvation Army gives hope to millions of vulnerable people in 111 countries around the world. The Salvation Army provides direct, compassionate and hands-on service to those who might remain invisible in the society. The red color shield logo of the Salvation Army highlights the passion of the Salvation Army that it has to protect susceptible people from worldly evils.

Habitat for Humanity International logo

International Habitat For Humanity Logo

Habitat for Humanity International is a nonprofit organization working with communities to build homes for people who need a shelter to live in. The blue color in the logo reflects trustworthiness of the organization while the green color portrays the natural need – habitat. 3 people in the logo represent a family to invoke the feeling of humanity in the logo.

You would have seen that the common colors in charity organization logos are blue, green and red. Charities want to express their feelings over the causes that need to be addressed; therefore charity foundations prefer pictorial logos to represent their mission in style.


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