Top 10 Biggest Logo Design Mistakes

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A logo designing mistake can tarnish your brand image. Professional logos designers are aware what is MORE or LESS to a logo or one can say that the logo designing expert knows what is RIGHT or WRONG when it comes to designing logos. Custom professional and experienced logo designer can detect even a minor flaw in company logos designs.

How have brands helped themselves to fall flat?

Let’s take a look at the worst brand identities to find out the causes regarding the brand collapses:

London 2012 Summer Olympics Logo

Designed by Wolff Olins

Over the years, Olympic logos have usually featured the host nations with their emblems reflecting the traditions of the place where the event has been held. The London 2012 Summer Olympics logo is rather different and the worst logo that has ever been designed for the Olympics. The logo represents 2012 as a design aiming to invite the world to be involved in the multisport event.

London 2012 Olympics Logo

Here are the blunders associated with the 2012 Olympics Logo:
1. The jagged edges in the logo don’t allow “2012” to appear properly.
2. The 5 Olympic logo rings appear very dim in the intense color.
3. Except the simple text “London”; there is no emblem in the logo to portray the Olympics host.

Can you see anything unusual in that logo?

Cover the Earth Logo

Designed by George W Ford

Sherwin Williams is a paint company which has the logo rightly named as “Cover the Earth”. The logo is very much outdated and awful but the amazing fact is that the company thinks that the logo is fine.

Cover The Earth Logo

Here are the flaws:
1. The tagline “Cover the Earth” in paint makes no sense, although, it’s yet a mystery how that logo has survived for 100 years.
2. The logo posses sloppiness and appears to be badly designed.

Would you like your Earth to be covered in red paint?

Check Point Software Technologies Logo

Designed by a 6 year old

Check Point, the global provider of IT Security Solutions has one of the worst logos of all times. The logo was designed by the Check Point’s CEO, Gil Shwed’s 6 year old daughter.

Checkpoint Software Technologies Logo

Here are the blunders:
1. The logo has no definite checkpoint that can be identified.
2. The logo looks unprofessional to represent the company.

Is it a wise move to let a 6 year old design your corporate logo?

MobileMe Logo

Designed by Apple Inc

MobileMe is a subscription based collection of online services offered by Apple Inc. The logo resembles with the Windows Me logo; and lacks several essential designing attributes.

MobileMe Logo

Here are the blunders that the Mobile Me logo has:
1. It would have been better if the designer had used the mobility in a design rather than the ego stroke “me”.
2. The banners cluttered with the cloud are confusing and don’t make sense.

What do you think about the suspicious cloud?

Buffalo Sabres Logo

Designed by Anonymous

Buffalo Sabres, the professional hockey team is the member of North East Division of the Eastern Conference of National Hockey League (NHL). It is also called as BUFFASLUGS due to the criticism that it has had.

Buffalo Sabres Logo

Here are the blunders that Buffalo Sabres logo holds:
1. The logo represents the NHL team as the slugs than the sabres.
2. The logo is too generic and very much similar the brand identity of “Buffalo Bills”.
3. The logo is too abstract and lacking the conceptual design.

Do you think that the former logo of Buffalo Sabres was a better one?

Bing Logo

Designed by RAZORFISH

Bing, the current web search engine of Microsoft has been included in the category of worst logos for 2009. Interestingly Microsoft has designed the 2 worst logos of 2009, the other one is msn logo

Bing Logo

The problems in Bing logo are as follow:
1. The fonts are freely drawn that even a teen can design using a Corel Draw.
2. The designer said that the logo has been designed from the scratch whereas the logo still looks like a scratch.

Do you think that the word “Bing” is itself confusing?

Kraft Foods Logo

Kraft Foods Inc. is the second largest food company in the world after Nestle SA. The new logo of Kraft foods Inc. has been controversial. It has been criticized by the people labeling as a copy of European Company “Yoplait”.

Kraft Foods Logo

Here are the flaws:
1. The logo depicts a daycare company than a food company.
2. The multi colors in the logo are difficult to make sense of.

Does the Kraft Foods Inc. logo look realistic?

Wisconsin Department of Tourism Logo

Wisconsin logo was designed in order to attract the visitors to visit the state of Wisconsin. The odd slogan in the logo has failed to communicate the message of the state to its visitors.

Wisconsin Department Of Tourism Logo

Here are the blunders:
1. The man doing the up stands over the typefaces; it’s corny and doesn’t attract the visitors a bit.
2. The choice of colors is poor to reflect the tourists.
3. The typography is at its best to be labeled the worst.

Who would like to pay $50, 000 for Wisconsin logo?

Lending Tree Logo

Designed by Mullen

Lending Tree, the online lending exchange is a web based company running a lead-generation business. The company provides affordable access to mortgages, loans and credit cards. The logo of the company doesn’t reflect the nature of business.

Lending Tree Logo

The problem with the logo is that it’s too trendy.

Do you think that lending tree logo misguides people?

Xe Services LLC Logo

Designed by Anonymous

The US based Security Company; Black Water was involved in the shooting of Iraqi civilians that raised massive criticism again the company, so, the company changed its brand identity from Black Water to “XE”, pronounced as (zee).

Black Water Logo

Regardless of this rebranding, experts are not convinced that the new logo would reinforce the image of company. Howard Belk, co-president and chief creative officer of brand strategy firm Siegel Gale, said that: “Now they look more like a spy organization, when [people] hear it, they won’t know how to spell it. When they see it, they won’t know how to say it.”

The problem with the logo is that it’s deceptive and furtive.

Would Black Water get its good image back through delusory rebranding?

You would have guessed by now that even a single flaw in a company logo can ruin your brand image. That’s the consequence of logo design blunders; therefore, the wise decision for a business would be to let its logo be designed by the hands of professional rather than amateur or inexperienced designers. What do you think?



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