Too Many Choices

Two weeks ago, I lost my cell phone between morning carpool and morning commute. Thinking it must be in the house, I’ve looked behind the couch, rummaged through laundry baskets, checked pockets of jackets I rarely wear.

No luck. Eventually I went online to research a replacement.  Whoa! Too many choices, I quickly learned.

After hours on the internet, there was no obvious choice, no short list. Reviews contradict each other; readers can’t agree on advantages and drawbacks,  favorites and deal-breakers. Neither can my co-workers and online friends. Finally, I had a brainwave!  I decided to actually go to the Verizon store; surely, seeing and manipulating the phones would solve my dilemma, make the decision more clear.

After half an hour, I left empty-handed, more overwhelmed than ever.  The clerk told me that if I wait two weeks, I am due a free phone. Since I couldn’t make up my mind anyway, I was glad to accept the ‘out.’ I’m no more clear than I was two weeks ago.

Do you believe there can be too many choices? Or is it the case of the more, the merrier?

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