Tomorrow’s HR professional

This piece below is a work of fiction – by an hyperactive imagination. Taking career decisions on its basis might not be advisable 🙂

Year – 2025 AD

Month – January

8:30 am – Anita grabs her coffee and boots up her communication device – it’s been a long weekend and she doesn’t know what to expect from her day at work.

Tonnes of h-mails. One is from her best friend with a collection of pictures and videos and an audio from their last vacation. Anita smiled
The next h-mail was from the HR Director of MegaCorp. He said he had an assignment for her. Could she go through the employee database and identify trends and suggestion areas? He needed an approach from her tomorrow if she wanted to accept it.
It was followed by a h-mail was from the People Strategy officer of GlobalBank – her voice came through the comm “Anita, we came across your thoughts on the learning professionals network on one of the HR networks, and wanted to explore if you can oversee our strategy to mentor the high potential employees of our finance function?”

Anita smiled. She was bored and tired of the employee database analysis kind of work. MegaCorp could go take a walk. However, before she agreed to GlobalBank’s assignment – she had to do her own research.

Anita took a big gulp of coffee, fired up her personal search assistant and spoke into it: “People Strategy history of GlobalBank” – in instants all the videos, documents and inferences by the search assistant (who knew her areas of interest) was there for her to go through.

After an hour Anita grinned. She liked the challenge that GlobalBank was throwing her way.

In the next 30 minutes she put together a high level approach note about how she would like to go ahead with it, attached her HR skill certification which meant a specific fee structure that she would charge for the project.

She then attached her videos and texts on the specific intervention and sent it off by h-mail.

Phew that was a good morning’s work. She needed a coffee.

11 am – Anita had finished her morning sandwich and salad and looked at her to-do list. She still had to recruit 4 people to work on a project for a real estate firm.  Over the next 2 hours Anita dipped into her contact lists – furiously working her virtual rolodex and got some great leads. Five people asked her to h-mail the videos of the project and one actually h-mailed back his Real Estate sales proficiency level to signify interest in the project.

At 1 pm Anita needed to eat something more substantial. She got into her electric car and drove to the nearest organic eating joint.

Back on her desk at 2:30 pm Anita decided to connect with some folks and merely chat up. She pulled out a h-mail video and saw which ones of her contacts was reachable.

Neil, a specialist in helping organizations mould their culture in these changing times was online and smiled when she pinged him. However he was on text only mode.

Anita spoke “hey Neil, what interesting stuff are you doing?” knowing that it’ll show up instantaneously on his screen as text.
Neil typed :” Am on a boring conference call with the top team of the Distributed Collective and they’re wondering how their new vision needs to be supplanted with a new organizational structure” he grinned into the video.

Anita spoke “That sounds exciting, Neil. Ok, I just wanted to share that there’s a talk of a mentoring project for a big bank’s high potentials and it seems that it’ll be a long project. Possibly like 3-4 years. It’s exciting for me to venture into this field – and it’s thanks to your suggestion that I share my thoughts on the HR learning channel.”

Neil smiled and typed “That’s great news. Congrats!”

Anita typed: “Still too soon to congratulate me, but I want you to mentor me during this project. I’ll need your help!”

Neil grinned “of course, and you know what my skill level and therefore rates are.”

Anita made a face “Yeah I know and you’ll surely get your fees”

Neil typed: “Great, I gotta go now. They want me to say something now” he grinned

Anita said “Ok, take care. Live long and prosper”

“Live long and prosper” Neil typed back.

Anita stretched out and turned off the h-mail. She needed to get out and exercise now. She grabbed her stuff and headed for the gym. Tomorrow seemed to be an interesting day ahead.

Actually tonight was an all night virtual conference where she was presenting the new compensation philosophy for GoodElectric – a client of hers, and the other HR project leads as well as project teams from Ops and Sales and Marketing worldwide would be there to poke holes into her proposal – she was sure of it. They had already left suggestions in the h-wiki of the GoodElectric HR collaborative space, but she was sure tonight they would not pull their punches.

She grinned.

Let them try, she thought.

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