To some, it’s just hockey

But not to me.  It’s way more.

And as we approach the holidays, I realize just how much I miss it.  I miss the watching my  Detroit Red Wings on Saturday night.  I miss the announcers.  I miss the puck drops.  I miss it all.   NHL Classic just isn’t the same.  Nor is watching it in Europe. 

We have a lockout in NA.  The second lockout in this decade.  Third since Count Bettman took over. I would like to personally fire him.  But that’s another post. 

I don’t care much for the owners and don’t feel too badly for the players.  But as we approach the Thanksgiving and then Christmas, my heart aches for all the employees, the vendors, and the small businesses  affected by rich people arguing with other rich people. 

In a season when we should be watching games, eating at local restaurants and bars, thinking about the GLI and the Winter Classic – pumping money into the hockey economy – we aren’t.  No one is.  Instead, we are watching owners squabble over how much of our money they get to keep in their pockets. 

It makes me nauseous. Sick really. I think I will be reading much more this winter. 

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