To Be The Best, You Must Personalize Everything For Everybody!

I believe the experience economy is evolving to a personalization economy.

To be the best now and in the future requires that you create personalized sales and service interactions.

One of the simplest yet most powerful ways you can be the best is to always see the world through your customer’s lenses.

While this may seem simple, in my experience it is tremendously difficult to put into action and consistently execute so that every interaction creates an exceptional experience.

With the proliferation of technology, apps, platforms and social media, people have become overwhelmed and are now more than ever craving personalized, authentic and friendly interactions.

This means you must pay attention to every detail.

It is important to manage the details, both for your employees and your customers, so that you can create personalized, authentic and friendly interactions each and every time.

In the personalization economy, the little things are the big things.

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