I listened to a story recently that outlined how there is too much information online for many things, including job hunting. So many people write about writing effective resumes, attention-grabbing cover letters, nailing the interview(s) and perfect follow up. Some of the blogs and writers I follow are smack on; others I read and it’s total crap. So how do you cull through the crud and know who to believe?
Several things I look for include the following:
  1. Good, common sense information and advice.
  2. Clear writing that is easy to understand and follow
  3. Transparency in presentation
  4. An online presence on multiple social sites
  5. Willingness and effort to solicit input and feedback
These aren’t guarantees, rather these are guidelines that I use in determining what blogs I follow and material I read. Over the next several weeks I have questions and requests for help that I will highlight and share. Enjoy the weekend!

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