TLS Continuum Part 24: I want and I want it now

A common misconception among many managers is that continuous process improvement will happen overnight. It just does not happen that way. The implementation of the TLS Continuum and continuous process improvement demands and even requires that we create a new corporate normal. This new normal creates a new corporate culture, which can be dramatically different from what your organization is accustomed to.

Our goal then must become looking at the entire organization and looking at what the future is going to be. Our goal is to optimize the services of HR so that they are delivering the services to the organization in a most efficient manner. The question then becomes how do we achieve it?

The Webster Merriam Dictionary defines optimization as an act, process, or methodology of making something (as a design, system, or decision) as fully perfect, functional, or effective as possible. The process needs to begin with allowing the entire organization to take pride of ownership in the organization. Everyone from the top echelon of management down to the rank and file human capital assets must own the business. When a process needs changing or you are introducing a new one every facet of the organization has to be involved. Look at the definition above in more detail.

The process must be fully perfect – As my wife would say, “What am I smoking and why I am not sharing it”. The expectation of absolute perfection is probably out of the realm of reality. We can’t generate a process with no errors, it just won’t happen. We can however strive to be as nearly perfect as possible. The TLS Continuum provides your organization with the path and the methodology to reach the Six Sigma level or for all intensive purposes being error free.

The process must be functional – By functional I mean that as an organization the end goal is to meet the voice of the customer. Everything the organization says, does or provides must be in tune with the demands of the customer. They tell us what they need, when they need it and how they need it. To be truly functional we as an organization must meet all those demands if we expect to be compensated for our services or products.

The process must be effective – In order to be effective the organization must strive to have everything run smoothly. The TLS Continuum as discussed earlier in this series, creates a standard of work so that we understand that if we need to produce this product or deliver this service this is how we do so. Being effective means that once the standard of work is established the process does not vary from delivery to delivery unless the customer demands it. These variations must be documented so that the entire organization understands the reasoning behind the changes.

I understand that management hates hurry up and wait in business. They expect everything to be done yesterday. However in the realm of continuous process improvement that is not a realistic view. The TLS Continuum provides the roadmap that needs to be followed to achieve the goals. The process is not an overnight achievement but rather an evidence based system for resolving problems. As in your high school science classes the process is not a quick one. It requires definitive process steps to resolve the issues before you and that takes time. So be patient and let the system do its magic and your organization will be better in the long run.


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