Tis the season

Last night, I was watching Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. It is quite possible that I need a change of careers. Instead of enjoying the story, the lessons, the animation – I was thinking this:

Donner is working and training the young bucks and says that he wants to be their pals. That’s never good leadership. Who wants to work for a pal? I worked with a friend once and that was a train wreck.

What kind of workers compensation covers the working elves?

Are the elves represented? Working night and day is never a good thing if it doesn’t involve overtime. 

Hermey is practicing dentistry without a license. Ask my friend, Lisa. Credentials are a BIG deal. 

Bumble wants a job (putting the star on the Christmas tree). Who did his I9? That’s really a specialty occupation, needed once a year. Thanks to Hermey, he has no teeth in the north pole without much natural vegetation, how is the dude going to eat?

I got a good chuckle with this stuff but REALLY I need to be able to turn this off at some point.
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