Tipsheet: Rangers and Scouts

Rangers and Scouts

In an army, every person has a role. The foot soldier is on the
front line. The general sets the strategy. But how does the general know what’s
happening, beyond the front lines? And similarly, how do senior managers
understand the impact – and the opportunity – of Social Media?

Like the army general, senior managers have rangers and scouts
who can help. They know what’s happening on the ground, in the marketplace, well
beyond the front lines.

These rangers and scouts are the younger workers, IT and
marketing staff, and specialized consultants. Internal rangers and scouts do
their learning late at night, and in skunkworks and pilot projects. External
rangers and scouts bring best practices and an outside perspective. Developing a
successful Social Media strategy requires the synthesis of both.

This week’s action item: There is no sign-up
sheet to be a ranger or scout: expertise and experience are easy enough to
acquire yourself. This week, google "Social Media" and the name of
your primary competitor. You may be surprised by what you find.

Strategy tip: Rangers and scouts aren’t just
for Social Media; they can gather incredible competitive intelligence. And
they’re not just for large organizations: individuals have them too. Who are
your Rangers and Scouts? And are you tapping into their vein of knowledge?

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Randall Craig

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Randall Craig has founded several successful start-ups, held a long-time position at a “big-four” consulting firm, and was an executive at an American public company. He currently serves as the 108 ideaspace CEO and chief strategist. Randall has been advising on digital strategy since 1994: he put the Toronto Star online, the Globe and Mail’s GlobeInvestor/Globefund, several financial institutions, and about 100+ other major organizations.

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