Tips on effectively influencing the C-suite

Influencing the C-suite

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I recently attended a conference session in San Antonio where it was suggested that  employee and labor relations specialists and consultants face a giant credibility problem in the C-suite.  People in the C-suite will spend money, but it’s tough to get them to write checks on proactive employee relations initiatives unless you demonstrate the return on investment (ROI) of the programs you are pitching to a CEO.

All too often, we fail to close the deal on a program because of a lack of influence or a failure to present persuasive data, which is the main currency of the C-suite.

This is a much discussed issue in the HR profession.  The fact that we are still having it in 2012 is  disheartening, but not shocking.

As HR professionals, we still have work to do.  There is no quick fix.  We need to be persistent in our efforts to demonstrate value in each HR niche where we operate.  We need to build value.  We need to speak the language of the C-suite.

Some HR people are great at this. Some of us struggle with it, but we can all get better.  Here is a short list of resources to get your started if you want to dig deeper into this topic.

  1. Business case resources for talent management strategies (Link sponsored by Halogen Software)
  2. What does the C-suite  want from HR?
  3. Navigating the C-Suite – Leadership Imperatives for HR
  4. How strategic HR wins the keys to the C-suite

What tips and tricks do you use for advancing your initiatives in the C-suite?

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