Tips for blends 10: Extend the blend along the whole learning journey

For far too long we have deluded ourselves into thinking that we can achieve meaningful learning through a single live event or using a single resource, however brilliantly these are facilitated or designed. Learning is a process, a journey, which requires takes time and a wide range of initiatives, some by teachers, trainers and coaches, but many by learners themselves.

One of the primary arguments for blending is that it allows us to dispense with the idea of learning as an event and look to provide just the right support to the learner at every step they take from ignorance to mastery. This starts by helping them prepare for the journey they will be taking, providing formal learning activities and resources, encouraging application to the real work situation, and then following-up as long as with needed with additional input and guidance. That’s further than most learning departments currently go, but anything less is a job half done, at best.

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