Time to Develop

Here’s a question for all Managers reading this blog entry: When is the last time you took a Time Management seminar? What? You don’t have time for that?

Though humorous, it’s all too true. Many (if not most) don’t have time for Time Management. But if You did make the time, and if you took my Time Management course, you’d come face to face with Yourself and your own priorities.

Time Management, after all, is not about managing time. Time is an abstract concept. Rather, Time Management is about managing yourself: your values, your choices, and your actions.

For example, let’s consider Delegation. Someone once said, “The price of delegation is training.” There’s a great truth there. We don’t delegate because it would take too long to explain the task and show the associate what we want and how to do it. So, we end up doing the task ourselves. It’s quicker. We get it done the way we want it done. And we retain control.

The problem? At the end of such a day, we have not developed our people. And we are stressed out by having too much to do.

The answer? Managers must bite the bullet. The price of delegation is training. You must find the time to grow your people. Incrementally.

If you don’t, your tombstone may say, “He did it all. And it did him in.”

The time to develop is now. Develop yourself. Develop your people.

Remember: Grow your people…and they will grow your business.

Posted by Terrence Seamon on Monday April 4, 2011. Do you and your Managers need help with managing time, getting things done, delegating work, and growing your staff? Invite Terry to your organization.

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