Time machine

How had I missed this? Google News Reader. Designed by Andy Herzfeld.

I was a fanatic student of the nature of time for several of the early and middle years of the naughts. Read 50 books on the nature of time! (Not something I advise. Read the summaries.)

I never wrapped my mind around the concept of time. None of us ever reach escape velocity. Nonetheless, I’ve been dedicated to using time wisely and speeding things up ever since.

What’s your time to competence? What’s the cost of waiting? What part of opportunity cost don’t you understand? As Barnaby Conrad* wrote, “Time is all we have.”

Yesterday my friend Kevin Wheeler explained how deadlines are bad for performance. When given a deadline, have you ever finished early? Whereas if there’s no deadline, you just do the task — and may finish “early.”

Taylorism is so wrong for the times we live in. What worked in a rigid, predictable world impedes progress in a fast-moving, topsy-turvy situation.

Going with the flow is great, but knowing where you are requires perspective. Google Newstimeline may help provide it. Stick in a date.

*Barnaby Conrad. American bullfighter, philosopher, reformer, and San Francisco bar owner. Amazing guy.

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