Time is the Ultimate Commodity

I would like to ask you to invest a little time and think about how important time is, and, for a business, how important speed is.

It does not matter what nationality one is, or what job title or profession one has.

At the end of one’s time, universally the one thing every human being wishes for is that they had more time.

So, since we hopefully now all agree that time is the ultimate commodity, as a business and as a professional, how do you ensure you do not disrespect, waste, or otherwise take more time to create the desired outcome for your customers?

In the old days, there used to be a saying; Good, Fast or Cheap…pick any two.

The good old days are just that. The old days.

In the new economy, speed is a killer weapon.

If you can create great fast, then every body wins.

Both individually and organizationally, I challenge you to invest a little time to learn where you are wasting your customer’s time.

When I talk about customers, it is the next person who receives your work.

Often times, organizations make the mistake of trying to increase the speed and quality of their interactions with their customers by working from the interaction backwards.

What I have found is that the biggest time wasters are internal policies and procedures that have greatly outlived their useful time.

There is no way to create a better experience, a faster experience, a more seamless experience for your customers, unless you are fast internally, from person to person, work group to work group, department to department.

Wasting your customer’s time is one of the surest ways to have them not be your customer.

Now, let me give you a serious word of caution.

Fast does not exclude friendly or authentic.

Being able to deliver a seamless, hassle free experience is a key competitive advantage.

Please invest your time to figure out how much customer time you have been wasting.

Most importantly,  put the time in to fix it!

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