Tiger Results (not what you think)

Tiger Results (not what you think)

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The first major study of tiger moms is out. The kids have worse grades, and they are more depressed and more alienated from their parents. –Slate, May 8, 2013

http://www.flickr.com/photos/marisatbee/6793286545/Did you ever notice that most of today’s research on parenting equates closely with today’s research on managing and, given the difference in situations, results in almost identical outcomes?

When I first read about “tiger moms” I found the actions, such as shaming, very much akin to some of the worst management practices I’ve seen.

Like the negative effects of helicoptering mentioned yesterday, tiger bosses should expect the same negative results from those they manage that new research has proven results from tiger parents.

Children of parents whom Kim classified as “tiger” had lower academic achievement and attainment—and greater psychological maladjustment—and family alienation, than the kids of parents characterized as “supportive” or “easygoing.”

OF course, this comes as no surprise to anyone who works/worked for a tiger boss.

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