Throw Back Thursday Through A Fire Hose?

How many of you out there enjoy a good throw back Thursday?

That was a rhetorical question!

Throw back Thursdays or Thirsty Thursdays, or just Thursday’s in general seem to bring out individuals for a variety of fun beverage choices.

Regardless of who you are or where you go on your Thursdays to throw one back, how would you feel if you bellied up to your favorite bar or barrista and said, “Give me my regular.”

Then, all of a sudden they reach behind the counter and asked you to say, “Ahh” and then pull out a fire house and ask you to drink from it.

I can pretty much guarantee that would be the last time you ever threw back on any Thursday in that place!

If you think about it, that is what every corporation around the globe does with their learning and development.

They pile their associates into some conference or hotel room and have them drink from fire hoses.

If you want to create an organization that blows your customers away with experiences that are so great, then the only way is to layer in skills in shot glass doses.

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Republished with author’s permission from original post.


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