Three Tips for Giving Feedback That Sticks

No one welcomes a difficult conversation. But in business, as in life, they are necessary from time to time to help change a situation or behaviour.

Employees often receive an uncomfortable mix of data-free prejudice and orders-disguised-as-feedback. Nothing that would inspire a willingness to change and everything to help our “lizard brain” kick into survival mode.

Many managers are simply not equipped with the skills needed to deliver effective feedback that is listened to and acted upon.

Here are the three useful tips for giving feedback that sticks.

1. Ask them how they like their feedback.

Everyone wins when you know the most likely way to get your feedback heard.

2. If you offer up feedback, see if you can untangle the facts from your judgments about the facts.

You’ll be surprised just how little data there is within the huge cloud of opinion.

3. Ask them what was useful about the feedback.

Everyone wins when you (and they) know just what worked (and therefore what didn’t).

If your managers need help framing conversations or providing clear, actionable feedback in a constructive manner, consider Box of Crayon’s The Last Feedback Workshop You’ll Ever Need. A program designed to help managers and leaders learn how to give empathetic employee feedback on a day-to-day basis in a way that’s less fraught and more useful for all concerned.



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