Three Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Activists

My talk on three lessons entrepreneurs can learn from activists is becoming popular on the speaking circuit. After I first gave the talk at BITS Pilani, I have given versions of the talk at IIT Roorkee, TED India Fellows stage and Startup Saturday Delhi.

The three lessons are –

– Design for the next billion (perhaps a SMS-based social networking platform).
– Appeal to a social object (lifestyle, cause or passion) that is bigger than your product, brand, or organization.
– Build a volunteer and partner ecosystem and give more value than you take.

These are some of the same principles we use with our clients and in our own work at 2020 Social. For instance, Dave has been working hard to start chapters of Social Media Club in various Indian cities and the 2020 Social team has been busy seeding the Social Media in India Wiki to make it the most comprehensive resource on social media in India.

Here’s the video from my talk at BITS Pilani

Here’s the latest version of the slide deck, from the talk I gave at Startup Saturday Delhi

Here’s a shorter version of the slide deck, from my talk at the TEDIndia Fellows stage

Every time I give this talk, it seems to strike a chord. For instance, I am still receiving emails from people who attended the Startup Saturday talk on December 12 telling me how much they liked the talk.

If you want me to give this talk at your event, or work with you to help you implement these principles in your own business, do drop me a note.

Cross-posted at 2020 Social: Because Business is Social.

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