Three by three

I’ve been thinking about what are the core elements involved in making an organization successful, and it’s beginning to sort out in a new way for me.  And I wanted to run it by you and see what you thought.

The first elements to me are the holy trinity of the performance ecosystem:

  • Formal Learning
  • Performance Support
  • Social learning

There are several things to notice here.  For one, self-created performance support tools also fall under performance support.  However, performance support tools created by others, and not by L&D, fall under social (yes, I’m still coming to grips with the whole informal/social distinction, shameful ain’t it!).  And, social learning is the Big L version of learning, including problem-solving, research, innovation, the things that fall out from cooperation and collaboration.

Now, underpinning this trilogy is another trilogy, those factors that provide a foundation. Here I’m talking about:

  • Strategy
  • Culture
  • Infrastructure

Strategy is systematically aligning what the L&D group is doing with the business needs, measuring what’s happening, and providing a growth path.  However, strategy will get eaten by culture unless you specifically address and develop a culture where innovation can happen. And underpinning this is a technology infrastructure that complements the way we work best.  This include mobile.

So, does this make sense?

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