Thought-full Thursday: Generosity

Every Thursday, we provide you with a thoughtful way to coach yourself – something all leaders need to do. So take five – enjoy the inspirational quotes  and reflect on the questions that follow. 

“On the whole, resources are likely to come to you in greater abundance when you are generous and inclusive and engage people in your passion for life. When you are oriented to abundance, you care less about being in control, and you take more risks. You may give away short-term profits in pursuit of a bigger dream; you may take a long view without being able to predict the outcome. In the universe of possibility, you set the context and let life unfold.”

~ Rosamund Stone Zander and Benjamin Zander, “The Art of Possibility”

  • What do you continue to hold tight to?
  • What would happen if you let go?
  • In what arenas can you be more generous, inclusive and engage others?
  • What is the first step you can take toward generosity with your team?


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Mary Jo Asmus is the founder and President of Aspire Collaborative Services LLC, an executive coach, writer, internationally recognized thought leader, and a consultant who partners with organizations of all kinds to develop and administer coaching programs. She has “walked in your shoes” as a former leader in a Fortune company.


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